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Ep 01 - The Beginning - A Discussion with the Founders of Tru-Spot

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Click play on the video below to watch the discussion.

Will Sims, Founder - President

Veteran - U.S. Air Force

Prior to founding Tru-Spot my tenure in Human Resources spans more than 30 years. Previous employers include 7 years tenure with Mid- South Baking Company as Executive in charge of the Human Resources Division. My duties at Mid-South included the strategic planning, design, and overall administration of Mid South’s Human Resources functions.

Maintaining knowledge of industry standards, trends and company compliance with federal, state and local employment legislation were an absolute must. I ensured the organization’s human capital matched its needs, maintaining the appropriate talent to accurately support Mid South’s mission and values. As well, I continually reviewed and made recommendations for improvement of Mid South’s policies, procedures, personnel opportunities, ensuring alignment with the organization’s goals and in support of continuous improvement initiatives. Membership affiliations included active memberships in the national SHRM organization, and the local SHRM chapters in Jackson, Mississippi and Bryan, Texas.

My federal government and military tenure include a 15-year stint with the Federal Aviation

Administration as an air traffic controller and corporate trainer, and as Recruiting Office Manager for 9 years with the United States Air Force.

My entrepreneurial accolades include writing a T. V. movie for CBS affiliates in the Midwest, which boasts winning 3 Regional Emmy Awards. Creating independent children’s series entitled Story Quilt Adventures, with award- winning actress Karen Abercrombie (most notably known for her role in hit Christian movie – War Room), and independent children’s series entitled – Pharaoh Taharqa –

Warrior King (Pharaoh’s of Egypt’s 25th Dynasty). This series was created for youth as an

archaeological excavation/exploration mechanism with lesson plans for elementary aged kids.

Gregory Proctor, Co-Founder - CEO

Veteran – U. S. Navy

Managing Director of SchXer, LLC with more than twenty (20) years of valuable consulting

experience and employment history in Project Controls Management, including extensive

experience in establishing project controls best practices and implementation of project and

program office environments, methodology, framework, policies, procedures, and integrated

control EVM processes.

A dynamic leader and entrepreneur who understands business and the humans who power it, he has an uncanny ability to anticipate trends and see things others cannot. Gregory views a company and its operations holistically, quickly spotting its inefficiencies and vulnerabilities and then crafting solutions to remove them.

Gregory views business transformation as an opportunity for massive growth—provided you understand how to deal with critical situations and create plans to make successful transitions—and has applied this thinking to his own business multiple times.

Two years after founding a microelectronics company (known then as Prolific Technology), he saw a growing need for project life cycle consultancy. Again, and again, his clients relied on his multifaceted skill set to help them navigate the triple constraints of time, costs, and quality to achieve optimal outcomes on their complex projects.

Gregory used that time as an opportunity to morph his company’s model and segue into project controls and management. His goal was to become the best damn project management company in the world. And within two years of his business’ pivot, he achieved that when they were awarded one of the largest projects ever by a government entity, a 17-year, £46 billion contract.

Since then, Gregory has successfully managed and overseen more than 65 multi-million and seven multi-billion USD projects control execution strategies for a diverse range of clients. Using his in-depth knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise in project management, risk mitigation, client relations, global operations, and business transformation and strategy, he has helped his clients thrive.

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