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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Imagine an augmented fan experience from the viewpoint of an actual seat purchased in the arena. A virtual game-time experience, with or without the sound effects. An augmented fan experience with virtual seating technology.

They are purchasing a virtual seat to attend a concert, watching your favorite band, entertainer, or sporting event in an arena on the other side of the world. Until social distancing restrictions are fully lifted, stadiums, arenas, and concert venues will utilize our technology to fill the avoid seats, based upon limited capacity. Our technology is fully scalable and adaptive to any situation for any largely crowded arena – worldwide. Imagine Integrating the virtual experience of Sight, Sound, and Feeling, just like you would experience if physically present at the sporting event. The end-user will experience the immersion of the live event, resulting in an enjoyable remote experience.

The Tru-Spot AR Fan (App) was also created to revolutionize the football industry. It will be used as a distance measurement system at an American Football game. Our app uses machine learning, visual recognition algorithms, and a visual positioning service used indoors/outdoors for purposes of establishing yardage measurement in a football game. The location and measurement technologies are used in conjunction with a mobile application device for displaying measurement results.

Presently chained yardage and down markers are used to estimate the "Spotting" of a football during game-play. The final location or placement of the football is commonly left up to the official's decision, which oftentimes is a judgment call. This method of measurement is archaic and very much outdated. However, with the Tru-Spot (App), the margin for error is reduced. The "Spotting" of football is determined by taking into consideration the length of the football field and current position/placement of the football and using AR/AI/VPS/GPS technology.

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