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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Pandemic Proof Virtual Seating Mobile App Technology 

Virtually experience a concert or football game from your living room without exposing yourself to COVID - 19 and overpriced draft beer by tapping on Tru-Spot Virtual Seating Mobile App Technology! 

Did you know that the avid fan and consumer-based in accordance with publication from Statista’s Fan Index found themselves spending more than $362 average for four tickets, not including the popcorn, soft drink, etc? 

We recognized before COVID-19 many of these venues’ attendance & ticket sales were on a downwards trend due to security threats, the lengthy line to access the event, parking, and extensive crowding. We have identified over 60 million available seats worldwide; these include stadiums, arenas, venues & motorways. We are intent on capitalizing on this target market. Post coronavirus, this pandemic has sent shock-waves worldwide, leading to a public health emergency that has killed thousands and plunged the global economy into what the International Monetary Fund warns could be the sharpest downturn since the Great Depression.

Not surprisingly, COVID-19 has also upended the sporting calendar, with professional leagues everywhere suspending their activities to limit the spread of the virus. Even the Summer Olympics, typically one the world’s most-watched sporting broadcasts, has been pushed back a year. Social distancing measures, brought in to limit the spread of coronavirus, have had a significant effect on sporting fixtures. 

Look no further than the recent headline as outlined below:

The coronavirus pandemic has left the sports world's future very unclear. There is still no certainty as to when the major sports leagues in America can resume play, even as we enter the third-month quarantine. And with the sports world on hold, so is the revenue stream for the leagues. The economic ramifications of it all are staggering. Sports leagues will lose at least $12B in revenue due to stoppages caused by COVID-19 pandemic. ( - 05/01/2020) 

Every aspect of the sport has been affected, from the athletes themselves to media coverage. Lost revenue and ticket sales for mainstream sporting events and concerts have become a reality for franchise owners, arenas/stadiums, and fans, as the battle with coronavirus still lingers. 

Times of change require investments into the future. Franchise owners and stadiums are chasing fans to help retain, recover, or recruit amid a sea of cheaper entertainment alternatives and increasingly lavish home viewing environments. Teams and stadium owners are desperately searching for ways to invest in a holistic remote approach to optimizing the stadium experience around the fan.

Stay tuned as Tru-Spot very respectfully introduces the Tru-Spot AR Fan (App) as the social distance and virtual solution to fan attendance for major sporting venues.

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