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Learn About The Virtual Fan Experience That Will Restore Large Scale Events in 2020

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Times of change require investments into the future. Franchise owners and stadiums are chasing fans to help retain, recover, or recruit amid a sea of cheaper entertainment alternatives and increasingly rich home viewing environments. Teams and stadium owners are desperately searching for ways to invest in a holistic remote approach to optimizing the stadium experience around the fan.

Tru-Spot very respectfully introduces the Tru-Spot AR Fan (App) as the social distance and virtual solution to fan attendance for major sporting venues. Tru-Spot founded by way of two childhood friends from the small town of Brandon, MS, aspiring to improve the fan-based enjoyment via augmented reality. Will Sims and Gregory Proctor, both entrepreneurs and prior veterans, sought to develop augmented technology that would enhance the game of professional football.

After the pandemic befell, they each found out that their innovative ideas & thoughts should be increased in ways to reach a worldwide through sports fans & concert goers to take part inside the real-time sport or concert without leaving the comfort & protection of their home. All by way of virtual seating technology and the Tru-Spot augmented fan app.

Imagine an augmented fan experience from the viewpoint of an actual seat purchased in the arena. A virtual game-time experience, with or without the sound effects. An augmented fan experience with virtual seating technology. They are buying a virtual seat to attend a concert, watching your favorite band, entertainer, or sporting event in an arena on the other side of the world. Until social distancing restrictions are fully lifted, stadiums, arenas, and concert venues will utilize our technology to fill the avoid seats, based upon limited capacity. Our technology is fully scalable and adaptive to any situation for any overcrowded arena – worldwide. Imagine Integrating the virtual experience of Sight, Sound, and feeling, just like you would experience if physically present at the sporting event. The end-user will experience the immersion of the live event, resulting in an enjoyable remote experience.

The Tru-Spot AR Fan (App) was created to revolutionize the football industry. It will be utilized as a distance measurement system at an American Football game. Our app uses machine learning, visual recognition algorithms, and a visual positioning service used indoors/outdoors for purposes of establishing yardage measurement in a football game. The location and measurement technologies used in conjunction with a mobile application device for displaying measurement results. Presently chained yardage and down markers are used to estimate the "Spotting" of a football during gameplay. The final location or placement of the football left up to the official's decision, which oftentimes is a judgment call. This method of measurement is archaic and very much outdated. However, with the Tru-Spot (App), the margin for error is reduced. The "Spotting" of football determined by taking into consideration the length of the football field and current position/placement of the football and using AR/AI/VPS/GPS technology.

The digitized measurement results are displayed with a lighted display (for achieving first down), and a separate light display for not completing the first down. The scanned display will also reveal - shortage distance (ex -1.00” -7” -.001”) for distance short of first down. The results are also simultaneously displayed on the stadium scoreboard for fans, and the Tru-Spot “Home-team Football App” on mobile phones and smart devices.

The spot measurement still maintains the high integrity of the game and mostly controlled by the official. Allows an official or designated individual to conduct a close-up spot measurement of the football using a handheld mobile device, chest-mounted device, or a device mounted to a SkyCam.

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