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Huh? Underestimated, Not Us

How many times have you had someone tell you that you would not amount to anything, or laugh when you told them about your future plans?

Being underestimated is just a part of life. There will always be people who would rather see you fail than succeed. When being underestimated, it is critical to recognize that the reality of the situation has nothing to do with us or our capabilities.

Because not caring what other people think is the best choice we will ever make - Unknown

Now pause for a moment & recognize that these two childhood friends, prior military veterans & entrepreneurs from a small town in Mississippi, are disrupting the entertainment and sport technology markets with their revolutionary fan engagement experience & virtual seating technology.

We are excited to share those big things are happening for Tru-Spot Technologies. Stay tuned to find out the big news and steps we are taking to accelerator the growth of our #startup to disrupt the status quo! Please enjoy the video.




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