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Buy the Ticket, Don’t Take the Ride to the Stadium

Even before the pandemic either eliminated or reduced attendance at sporting events, a pair of childhood friends was already looking for ways to redefine the fan experience due to the rising costs of tickets, concessions and parking that often priced out families. The pandemic accelerated this need for new ways of making connections.

Their startup, Tru-Spot Technologies, is striving to create the augmented reality fan experience through an interactive platform that allows users to virtually attend events from home—sports, concerts, anything—via a combination of 360-degree cameras, 3D renderings, and bi-directional audio.

“We give the fan full control,” says Gregory Proctor, a Tru-Spot co-founder and partner. “From your [virtual] seat, you're able to pan around, up, down, and look. You’re immersed. You’re able to walk up the stairs. You're able to basically do all of the things that you would typically be able to do as if you're physically in the venue.”

Click the link to read more about these two increible founders

Article written by Joe Lemire a senior write for Sporttechie

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